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JUDAS!(ref Manchester Free Trade Hall 1966)

It was in 1965 that Dylan lost many traditional fans and gained others as he moved from purely acoustic to a mix of acoustic and electric.

In England it was in 1966 at the Manchester Free Trade Hall.


Photos below capture other sides of Bob Dylan, many not seen before and thanks to the photographers and the Guardian for publishing them in a series of posts (as well as the photographers’ publishers)


dylan chessplaying

Playing chess with Victor Maymudes at Bernard’s Cafe Espresso, a favorite hangout spot in Woodstock, 1964.

Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Courtesy of Taschen


dylan at home

‘He suggested I photograph him on the swing. His mood changed when he stood up and he pumped the swing higher and higher.’

Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Courtesy of Taschen



dylan pool

At a pool hall in Kingston, New York, December 1964.

Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Courtesy of Taschen

dylan piano

‘It was obvious from the very beginning of the recording sessions that something exciting was happening.’

Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Courtesy of Taschen


dylan bringing

An outtake from the Bringing It All Back Home album cover shoot with Sally Grossman, Woodstock, January 1965.

Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Courtesy of Taschen

dylan truck

One of several unpublished photos of Bob Dylan on 5th Avenue with Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary, and the guitarist John Hammond Jr.

Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Courtesy of Taschen



judas dylan

Soundcheck before the show, Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Queens, New York, 28 August 1965.

Photograph: Daniel Kramer/Courtesy of Taschen


Bob Dylan With Top Hat Pointing In Car Philadelphia PA 1964

Having decided to photograph Dylan for his personal portfolio, it took Daniel Kramer six months to get permission from Dylan’s manager Albert Grossman. Kramer told the Guardian that it was a labour of love as “in the beginning you couldn’t sell a Dylan picture … it was matter of a process to introduce editors to the idea.” Kramer accompanied Dylan on a roadtrip from New York to Philadelphia for a concert at Town Hall
Photograph: Daniel KramerBob-Dylan-Recording-00519645 recording

Bob-Dylan--002barry feinstein 25th birth

Bob-Dylan--001feinstein hardy


A backstage portrait of Dylan wearing white makeup.

Regan recalled Dylan saying: ‘I want the people way, in the back,to be able to see my eyes’


regan fur coat dylan

Visiting the Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.

It was here that Regan took a picture of the singer in a fur-collared coat, which would appear on the cover of the album Desire (Regan’s favourite Dylan album)

1975 dylan ali

The Night of the Hurricane benefit at Madison Square Garden, December 1975, where Muhammad Ali visited Dylan backstage and gave him a gift – a huge boxing glove.

The show was to benefit the campaign for justice for Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, the boxer wrongly convicted of murder in 1967



regan 1975