I have just been reading Robert Doisneau Paris published by Flammarion (photos selected by his daughter and with quotes from Doisneau himself)

Some quotes:

“I remember Paris with caps and bowler hats.Paris in the days of upheaval,humiliation, collaboration,Paris with its whores and it ssecrets. Paris defended by barricades,Paris wild with joy -and now we have car-packed, scheme – laden, jogger -happy Paris.”

“For half a century I pounded the cobblestones, then asphalt, of Paris, wandering up and down the city. This activity required no special physical prowess, Paris not being Los Angeles,thank heavens, and travelling on foot not considered a sign of poverty here.

The few images that now rise to the surface of the flow of time, bobbing together like corks on a swirling stream, are those taken on time stolen from my employers.”

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