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The First Annual International Jazz Day will feature jazz luminary and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock.

International Jazz Day, celebrated worldwide on April 30, will have its official kick-off at UNESCO Headquarters on April 27th. The UNESCO celebration, organized in cooperation with UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock, will set the stage for a series of events to take place around the globe in the following days.

Some of the main objectives of International Jazz Day are as follows:

(a) to develop and increase means of exchange and understanding between cultures and
to employ these means for the purposes of mutual comprehension and tolerance;
(b) to offer an additional and effective tool at international, regional, subregional and
national level to foster intercultural dialogue;
(c) to raise public awareness on the role of jazz music in spreading the universal values of
UNESCO’s mandate;
(d) to promote intercultural dialogue towards eradication of racial tensions, foster gender
equality and reinforce the role of youth for social change;
(e) to recognize jazz music as a universal language of freedom;
(f) to promote social progress with a special focus on developing countries through jazz
music’s universal diffusion associated with new technologies and communications tools
such as social networks;
(g) to contribute to UNESCO’s initiatives to promote mutual understanding among
cultures, with a focus on education of young people in marginalized communities.

The Day will bring together performers, educators, governments, experts, and fans alike, as they explore together the history, meaning, impact, and legacy of jazz music throughout the world.

The Programme at UNESCO HQ includes open master classes by renowned international jazz musicians, scat improvisational classes for young students, musical perfomances, conferences, debates and a big evening concert.

In London Live Music Now, who, as a member organization of IMC/CIM will be promoting jazz in care homes, special needs schools and hospitals on International Jazz Day.

and in the US….

Jazz Boston is working with some of the city’s leading government, cultural, and business organizations to create special events around the international theme. A full lineup of events will be announced in early 2012. 

 “In a strong affirmation of the relevance of jazz to life in the 21st century, on November 10 the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed April 30th of each year as ‘International Jazz Day.’ JazzBoston welcomed the addition of this celebration of jazz to the world’s cultural calendar by adopting an international theme for its 6th annual presentation of Jazz Week throughout the Greater Boston area this spring.” 

The release continued: “For 10 days from April 27 to May 6, Jazz Week ’12 International will put the spotlight on the cultural diversity that gives the Greater Boston jazz scene its unique flavor with performances by hundreds of talented musicians, both home grown and from around the globe, and special cross-cultural collaborations that highlight the power of jazz to create unity from diversity. The week will feature nearly 300 performances in over 90 venues in and around the city and has received official proclamations from the Mayors of Boston, Cambridge and Somerville.” 

Visit JazzBoston for more information.


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