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This post is the second post related to the work of photographer Robert Doisneau.

Known for his fashion photography (e.g. for Vogue) and his images of artists such as Giacometti, Cocteau, Leger, Braque and Picaso Robert Doisneau’s portfolio is particularly rich in images of workers. He brought out in stunning black and white not only the harshness of manual work but more importantly, the dignity of the workers themselves. He was also concerned with the more marginalised in society, such as the Gitanes (gypsies) and the clochards ( homeless).

He went underground to document mining life

Mineur ,Lens 1945

les lampeslens


les trieuseslens

He took to the streets and photographed the homeless

Les megots, Paris-1956

Doisneau documented the weavers and textile workers


les teintures 1945

Aubusson 1945

And other workers such as musicians were also on Doisneau’s list of subjects:



and a quick review of some of Robert Doisneau’s more famous pics with accompanying accordion..

and some commentaries  about the process of taking photographs…quite insightful..

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