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I have always been interested in how photography can change awareness and attitudes or at least encourage viewers to look at the world in different ways.

Photo Voice provides opportunities not just for the ‘passive’ viewer but for people to use photography to reflect on their personal worlds as well as communicate to others.

PhotoVoice’s vision is for a world in which no one is denied the opportunity to speak out and be heard. PhotoVoice’s mission is to build skills within disadvantaged and marginalised communities using innovative participatory photography and digital storytelling methods so that they have the opportunity to represent themselves and create tools for advocacy and communications to achieve positive social change.

Over the course of 10 years PhotoVoice has worked with numerous disability and mental health groups in the UK and internationally, training those accessing services or care to use photography to explore their lives, share their viewpoints and experiences, and in some to create work that seeks to change public perceptions or social practice. The images created by PhotoVoice participants, usually accompanied by explanatory captions written by the photographer that give a context for the chosen subject, show their lives and experiences as they wish them to be represented, and reveal their unique perspectives on issues important to them.


PhotoVoice works with a broad methodology which is tailored to the needs of participants in each project.  It is a methodology that builds on the power and potential of photography as a flexible and empowering tool that is at the same time accessible, therapeutic, influential and communicative.


Since 1999 PhotoVoice has pioneered the use of participatory photography as a tool for communication, self expression and advocacy. We have worked in the UK and across the globe with marginalised and vulnerable communities whose human rights are being undermined. Our organisational partners have included Amnesty International, World Vision, UNICEF, Save the Children, The International HIV/AIDS Alliance and United Response.

International projects

Current international projects include: Eyes of Youth – Kurbin, Albania (2011)Workshops with nomadic pastoralist children in Somali Region of EthiopiaImages of What is Ours – Paraguay (2009-2010)See it Our Way – Albania, Armenia, Lebanon, Romania, Pakistan (2010-11)Youth as Agents for Change – Direct Voices Russia and Bosnia Herzegovina (2009-2010);



Training workshops

A comprehensive introduction to designing and running participatory photography projects – 3 day training course

Upcoming Course Dates:

• 22-24th February 2012


The 3-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to understanding, designing, managing and facilitating a participatory photography project.  The course covers key aspects of participatory photography including practicalities, methodologies, ethics, participatory tools, facilitation and participatory frameworks.

Aimed at: anyone seeking to gain a thorough grounding in participation and photography. It is ideal for practitioners and professionals who want to set up a participatory project.

The course is suitable for a wide range of participants interested in social change and photography or digital media including: photographers, visual practitioners, voluntary sector and NGO staff, campaigners, statutory sector workers, and academics.

The course covers

• What is participatory photography?
• Participation and power
• Photography as a participatory medium
• Examples of participatory methodologies
• Workshop and project design
• Facilitation skills
• Ethics and informed consent
• Understanding and working with risk
• Creating a safe space
• Project practicalities
• Participatory editing
• Images and change

Course outcomes: By the end of the training you will have gained: new skills, knowledge, tools, confidence and resources for initiating and carrying out a participatory project.


Methodology Series

Our range of practitioner guides and case studies offer valuable information, advice and best practice guidelines to those work with a range of groups using participatory photography.

The resources can also be accessed for free online, using the links below. (Please note that not all the resources provided on the CD-ROM can be accessed online.)

If you have used any of our resources and would like to comment on how it has fed into your work please contact info@photovoice.org

To help PhotoVoice continue to offer these resources free of charge to support the use of participatory photography by organisations and individuals working for positive social change, please consider making a donation to support our work.

Photography for Integration: Photography with young refugees (password: pvn3tw0rk1)

Change the Picture: Photography with vulnerable women (password: pvn3tw0rk2)

Therapeutic Photography: Photography as a tool for promoting well being

Sensory Photography: Photography for blind and partially sighted people

Interested in ‘exceptional’ photographs?
This is a special organisation and even if you cannot directly support the projects shown perhaps if you are a photographer you could provide the marginalised and unheard with a voice -or at least a lens for them to see the world and also a lens for others to see the world of the marginalised with a new viewpoint.