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Apart from bending notes ,wah wah must be the next key ‘effect’ that belongs in the blues harp player’s basic toolbox. Many players can produce a wah wah effect but do not have the control to provide the variety of sounds that more advanced players can achieve. Adam Gussow, once again, provides those specific hints to give any learner the power to produce a really professional sound, with practice.

Just sit back and listen to the lesson. Following the lesson we can sample those players who have mastered the different wah wah effects , such as Sonny Boy Williamson II , Big Walter Horton and Sonny Terry . Lastly, pick up your harp, go back to Adam’s lesson and practice.

One of the best exponents of the wah wah effect on harp was Sonny Boy Williamson – particularly the first type illustrated by Adam:

With Sonny Boy II and ‘Your funeral and my trial’ have a look at  his hand positions whn making his different wah wah sounds

Check out Big Walter Horton in the next video s he shows you many ways of holding the harp and what difference it makes to the sound , particularly wah wah.

This is Sonny Terry’s Hooting the blues -check out the variety of sounds he gets with his hand movements (see type three in Adam’s classification)


Sonny Terry helped Paul Lamb get started -takee a look at how the student progressed:

Some great wah wah in the middle  and a little more teaching from Paul Lamb….

lYou might like to look at how other teachers approach the wah wah sound (but not as good as Adam for me)


Watch and listen to another teacher -Ronnie Shellist


Listen to others,watch others   and just practice so that you develop ‘muscle memory’  and eventually you can get your own sound.