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Hanoi (Thanh Long) will celebrate 1000 years of existence in October 2010.

Street life.

Hanoi would not be Hanoi without it s vibrant street life.

This morning, like every morning, I went down to the street market,on the corner of the street.

Normally you see the flower seller, several veg sellers, fresh fish splashing in large bowls, piles of tofu and hands of bananas.

Just as I was taking my tomatoes,  baskets of vegetables were being thrown into a shop and people were scampering with live chickens and fish as the police arrived.

Hanoi street market

In haste,police 'escort' a market seller into the van

It seems that the celebrations for 1000 years of history (including street selling) will not be greeted by the more traditional sellers.

What else happens on the streets of Hanoi?

Lets continue with sellers..

the basket seller

Some villages outside Hanoi specialise in production of such things as baskets, pottery, silk etc where the whole village is engaged in one aspect of that craft.

Do you need a mousetrap?

This is a hardware shop on a bike. They will sell anything from a lock to a mousetrap.


It is very difficult to find plastic shoes for use in the shower or for washing the back yard -but if you can find a passing bike show seller , your home and dry.

grapefruit seller

When thirsty the grapefruit seller will peel the fruit and add some salt and chilies.

Portable vegetable shop

Such an iconic sight – yet these days they have to run from the police whenever they settle their baskets down to sell. Many try to sell to passing tourists now and offer the chance to have your photo taken carrying the baskets.

Pineapples, anyone?

As the 1st October 2010 looms I will add some more pics.