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As France was one of the birth places of photography (The first permanent photograph (later accidentally destroyed) was an image produced in 1826  by the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who also teamed up with Louis Daguerre), I like reporting on photographic events in Paris.

Reporters Without Borders Exhibition, Petit Palais, Paris

This month (September 2010) the Petit Palais hosts an exhibition”Reporters-sans-frontieres”.

Alexandra Boulat

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Le Petit Palais, which has opened to the world of photography and contemporary images since 1998, says Reporters Without Borders, on the occasion of its 25 years, giving its anniversary album dedicated to Peter and Alexandra Boulat.

Alexandra Boulat

Paying tribute to two great names of French photojournalism, the album “100 pictures of Peter & Alexandra Boulat for Freedom of the Press”, published by Reporters Without Borders, and the exhibition at the Petit Palais show two viewpoints on the world – passionate glances while being confusing and deeply humanistic. The stories of Peter, on the slums of Nanterre in the ’50s or the daily lives of American women, create the same intensity as those of his daughter in Gaza or the suffering of Afghan mothers, four decades later.

Le Petit Palais, involved with the City of Paris in the fight for freedom of expression and protection of journalists, is the ideal place to host this exhibition celebrating photography commenced.

While more than one third of the world population live in countries where there is no press freedom, Reporters Without Borders works constantly to restore their right to information. Believes imprisoning or killing a journalist removes a vital witness and threatens everyone’s right to information, Reporters Without Borders carries on the fight for freedom of the press relentlessly for 25 years.

A quarter of a century that saw the world change: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the democratization of much of Africa, allowed the freedom of the press to gain ground. However, it remains seriously threatened and the battle Reporters Without Borders is still current.

Peter Boulat

To finance its activities, Reporters Without Borders publishes, since 1992, a collection of photo albums. “100 photos of Peter & Alexandra Boulat for Freedom of the Press” will be released September 9, 2010, and will be sold for the benefit of the association.


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