How to become a New Photographer..PBase, Adam Warmington and more..

How to become a ‘New Photographer’ ?     Open your eyes, Specialise and love the medium

You could already be lucky enough to be listed on  Getty Images New Photographers.



If not, then how do get yourself noticed?

Be like Adam Warmington and specialise.

Who is he?

Originally from Bristol, UK, San Francisco based photographer, Adam Warmington has always been fascinated by images. He has spent 10 years in the film industry (even helping to make Aardman films) yet his true passion lies in stills, where he finds a greater challenge – to tell a story in one fraction of a second.
As a young traveler and observer he documents his own and others’ lives:

AWamberAWchinese lady



As a warm hearted people watcher he has also got his photographic eye open to breathtaking landscapes





So what about specializing?


Although he was always active in surfing circles it was the move to Ocean Beach,California, that acted as the catalyst for Adam’s career in surf-photography.

AWsurf5The combination of a close proximity to consistent waves and a gradual but warm welcome from the very tight-knit local community has allowed Adam to capture some unique and beautiful moments over the past few years. That, combined with frequent travel has let to his work being published in Surfer, The Surfers Path, Transworld, Water, Line Up, and Surfline amongst others.



So , a good eye, a passion or interest, and some determination to get up early, to grab the right light, to brave the  cold wet days  can all  lead to specialising and getting noticed.



If you want to know  more about Adam..and even his they are:


Support our young photographers!

Adam’s photos are on PBase and while there you might like to check out their magazine


~ by Ray Harris on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “How to become a New Photographer..PBase, Adam Warmington and more..”

  1. We often choose the off beaten tracks to see unusual, exceeding special places and people. Knowing Adam Warmington and Mic Warmington is just the opposite. Lost in the crowd, it is always a silent awe one experiences in front of their off beaten creativity. Both terribly passionate about their art have an eye indeed so incredible that it leaves you gasping for air in front of their creations.

    • Sometimes you take for granted those who are around you, without scratching the surface and finding those hidden talents

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