Photographing musicians and three Bobs

Wolfgang’s Vault is a great discovery, not just for the concerts but for the interviews and all things musical.

As an example take the interview with Bob Gruen, photographer.

Photographer Bob Gruen’s images are among some of the most reproduced in rockdom: John Lennon, arms across his New York City t-shirt; Led Zeppelin posing in front of their private plane; a very cool Clash in an open-air ride, en route to their gig with the Who at Shea Stadium. And yet, Gruen says he never took those photos (nor any of the others in his gallery of thousands) with an eye on the iconic. “The New York City t-shirt picture was not planned at all,” he says. “None of them were planned.”

New Yorker Gruen never had any aspirations to make a career of rock photography. When he started in 1965, there was hardly any such thing. Taking pictures was a matter of survival for him. “I didn’t choose this as a business plan. We didn’t have those words back then,” he says. “It was more by default because I just couldn’t get up and do the nine-to-five job.”

As a young man without a plan, Gruen talked his way into the Newport Folk Festival of 1965, the first concert he attended with a camera. That it happens to have been the day Bob Dylan famously went electric was of no real consequence to him image-wise; he was really just there to hear the music. “I didn’t feel that special about it,” he says of the time. “I didn’t even have a place to exhibit the photo for almost 10 years.”

Check out Bob Gruen’s website

Bob Dylan the early years

Bob Dylan the early years

While talking about Bob Dylan, concerts that can be found on  Wolfgang’s Vault include excerpts from the Rolling Thunder tour of 1975

rolling thunder tour poster

rolling thunder tour poster

Wolfgangs Vault also lets you spend your money on memorabilia such as fine photographs:

Rolling Thunder concert print

Rolling Thunder concert print

Reference to the third Bob that you can find on the site is Bob Marley.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

3 concerts from 1978-1979 are listed on the site with some great songs. The quality of the sound on some concerts on the site can vary and in some cases sound like good old bootleg albums.

and one more example of the concert prints

Bob Marley in concert

Bob Marley in concert

More on music next post


~ by Ray Harris on May 24, 2009.

One Response to “Photographing musicians and three Bobs”

  1. WOW !

    This pic of Bob rocks ! … can almost hear the rattle of the strings. Fantastic light, and so well caught on the moment.

    Would like a blown up version in my lounge.

    Call it Art.

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