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This blog, of course, reflects my interests but also there seems to be a dynamism about both that warrant constant re-evaluation and reflection. The revolution in photography is the use of digital photography not only in the new cameras but the post production through manipulation using computer software. In music not only has digital production enhanced the quality of sound production and analysis but has also meant that the selling of music has been revolutionized which hopefully has benefits for the listener as well as the musicians.

Photography and music are also creative and artistic pursuits which brings together senses as well as emotions.

This blog will reflect a diversity of styles and genres but for a start look at the ‘classical’ end of photography:

Photography Now is an international fine art site that really leaves you salivating at the quality of the images and breadth of content explored through the images. The site presents a wide range of artists from Arbus and Adams to Maplethorpe and Salgado…open your eyes and heart

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Edward Weston

Edward Weston

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus

Irving Penn

Irving Penn

Robert Maplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe

Wonderful images and a beautifully crafted website…..take a look.


~ by Ray Harris on May 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Click this”

  1. Diane Arbus and Irvin Penn have produced some memorable shots, easily recognised all over the world. But my question is : can the digital camera and photo manipulation ever equal the creative mind to create such stunning effects with light, observation, and experience without having to rely on some manipulation ? Just like we are still spell bound by the sheer magic of cinematography of Satyajit Ray, Jean Carnet, Jean Luc Godard, Truffaut and Louis Malle, we are still to re-create magic of such splendours with the digital camera.
    Purists still resist the wave of change brought by technology. A few years ago a famous NYC photographer said, “When they invented auto focus for cameras, all the skill went out of photography!!”; I agree with that; the software of the modern digital cameras gives you skills it used to take years for a professional photographer to master;

    • I agree that although digital can still promote creativity within photography traditional taking and processing does demand a wider range and depth of skills. Also new manipulation software can produce a wide range of tones and luminosity but some of the older papers and processing going back to Victorian times produced a wonderful array of subtle tones.

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